Permits and Development

The Community Development Department is responsible for coordinating land and building development throughout the City. In partnership with other City departments, Community Development helps homeowners, business owners, and those in the development industry plan and execute development projects. 

The following documents are provided to assist you as you move forward with your development project. We look forward to working with you, and hope that your experience developing property in the City of Castroville is a pleasant one.

Please submit all permits to the following email:

Do you need a Permit?

No permits are needed for the following, however, they are still required to meet the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and historic properties may be subject to review by the Historic Landmark Commission. 
  • Painting and papering
  • Tiling and carpeting 
  • Cabinets, counter-tops, and similar finish work
  • Prefabricated pools, less than 24 in. deep
  • Swings and other playground equipment 
  • Accessory structures under 200 sq, ft.
  • Fences under 6 ft. in height
  • Retaining walls less than 4 ft. in height
  • Replacement of siding
  • Replacement of windows and doors
  • Non-structural interior remodeling, which does not add floor area
  • Replacement of plumbing and lighting fixtures


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