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Animal Trap Request

  1. I, the lawful owner or resident of property located at the below listed location in Castroville, Texas hereby request the City to place an animal trap on the below mentioned property for a period not to exceed 10 days for the purpose of catching an animal(s) which has been making a disturbance or creating a nuisance on my property, which animal(s) are not owned by myself and are running at large in the community.
  2. I hereby authorize Castroville Police Department Animal Control Officer Smith to enter my property and set the above mentioned trap(s).
  3. By allowing the City to place this trap on my property and requesting such trap to be placed there, I hereby assume the risk of injury to my own animals and property and to the animals of others. I agree to not hold the City of Castroville liable for any such injury and to defend the City in action arising out of the use of the said trap.
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