Code Enforcement

For information regarding Code Compliance, contact the Castroville Community Development Department, 830-931-4090

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May 1st - May 31st

The Code Enforcement Department will be organizing a community spring clean-up. As part of this cleanup event, Code Enforcement will be on the lookout for the following code violations:
  • High Grass and Weeds                    (Code of Ordinances Sec. 58-63)
  • Accumulations of Trash/Debris        (Code of Ordinances Sec. 94-29)
  • Accumulation of Junk                      (Code of Ordinances Sec. 356-011)
  • Inoperable/ Junk Vehicles                (Code of Ordinances Sec. 106-140)
  • Continuous Garage/ Yard Sales      (CZO Art. IV, Sec. 10)
  • Parking on Unapproved Surfaces    (CZO Art. V, Sec. 2)

Code Enforcement 

Our Code Enforcement officer, Kerl Brooks, will be out and about in the community to educate, inform, and identify residents in need of volunteer assistance. 

So if you see her, give her a wave and ask any questions you may have! 

Have a Question or Want to Volunteer? Contact us!

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Bulk and Brush Pick-Up

During the Spring Clean Up event, please use your monthly bulk and brush pickup!
  • Monthly Bulk Pick-up is the second full week of each month: May 10th - May 14th
  • Please place items for pickup next to the curb on or before Monday morning. No piles should be at the curb until the Friday before the service week.
  • There is a limit of six (6) cubic yards of COMBINED bulk and brush waste per residence. Please do not place bulk items or brush near meters, fences, or trees; underneath utility wires or in front of parked cars. VACANT lots will NOT be serviced! 
  • Brush: Tree, shrub, and brush bundles should not exceed four (4) feet in length, six (6) inch in diameter, or 50 pounds; Bundles and neatly stacked piles preferred.
  • See prohibited items list under “Dump Your Junk.”

Dump Your Junk - DUMPSTER IS FULL!!

Saturday, May 22nd — Sunday, May 23rd

Waste Management will provide a dumpster at the park, located at the parking lot closest to the amphitheater, for any excess items you may want to dispose of. The following items will not be allowed:
  • Large Appliances
  • Items heavier than 200 pounds
  • Concrete, brick, asphalt, and roofing
  • Construction/Demolition debris
  • Gasoline/Diesel/Fuel
  • Batteries 
  • Paint
  • Motor oil and filters
  • Tires
  • Vehicles and parts 
  • City of Castroville residents only - You must show a Texas ID or current city utility bill
  • No commercial vehicles
  • Must be able to offload yourself

At Your Door Special Collection
Residents have UNLIMITED access to the At Your Door Special Collection. This service provides residents with front porch service to collect the difficult, sometimes hazardous, and hard-to-recycle items almost every household accumulates, such as paint, pesticides, electronic waste, and batteries. For more information about this service, please contact Waste Management at 1-800-449-7587 or email or visit

Vehicle Disposal Information
If you have vehicles that need to be removed from your property, please see the available resources below. 

  • Cash for Cars: (888) 657-4599
  • Junk my Car: (855) 971-2571