Building Inspection

Inspection of construction projects allows the City to ensure public safety through the effective enforcement of construction codes and standards for the construction, repair, demolition, occupancy and maintenance of buildings, structures and properties. Inspection activities ensure that every step of the construction project is completed in accordance with the adopted City Codes.

Although most inspection coordination takes place with the Community Development Department, the City does utilize a third-party contracted inspection company, Bureau Veritas, to inspect most projects. This allows for construction inspections to take place the next business day after being requested by the applicant, so that construction projects can proceed in a timely manner. 

Inspections received by 5:00p.m. Monday - Friday will be performed the next business day.
Inspections related to building construction (building, plumbing, mechanical, and/or electrical) can be requested by contacting Bureau Veritas at any of the following:
            Phone:    (817) 335-8111 or (Toll-Free) (877) 837-8775
            Fax:        (817) 335-8110 or (Toll-Free) (877) 837-8859

Inspections may also be scheduled by calling the Community Development Department during office hours at 830-931-4090. When requesting inspections through the Community Development Department, please ensure that you speak with a staff member the day of the request to confirm that the inspection has been scheduled. To avoid missed inspection requests, please do not leave inspection requests on voicemail or email without confirming their receipt the day of the request.